Mashatu Game Reserve: Land of Giants

mashatu game reserve

Mashatu Game Reserve is located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve of Botswana bordering South Africa. The Northern Tuli Game Reserve is the collective name for several privately owned game reserves, including the Mashatu, Ntani and Tuli reserves, covering all the land north of the Limpopo River. The name Mashatu Game Reserve is derived from the magnificent Mashatu trees, which grow throughout the immense tract of privately owned land. Mashatu comprises 40% of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve and it shares unfenced borders with both the South African in the south and Zimbabwean national parks in the north. The Mashatu Game Reserve, originally known as the Tuli enclave, is a remarkable wilderness of savannah, riverine forests, marshland, open plains and sandstone cliffs. At 75,000 acres, Mashatu is one of the largest private game reserves in southern Africa and forms part of a cross boundary wildlife conservation area protecting the substantial biodiversity of fauna and flora in the region.

When visitors go to Mashatu, they can experience exciting biking in safaris, exceptional game-viewing, adventurous four-wheel drive outings, horseback riding and spectacular bird-watching activities. These added adventures are all tailored to bring visitors into intimate contact with this remarkable wilderness. And because of the exceptional diversity of landscapes of the reserve, Mashatu enjoys an ecological biodiversity uncommon in other game reserves.

Land of Giants


mashatu game reserveMashatu is considered as the land of giants. It is the perfect location for wildlife, archaeology, and adventure and is a fitting setting for some of the largest herds of the world’s largest land mammal – the elephant. Mashatu Game Reserve is a sanctuary to the largest, single population of Elephant on privately owned land.  It is home to over 1000 elephants and these creatures have created myriad trails across the reserve which forms the trails for much of adventure tourism. It is also the home of the other Africa’s iconic giants: the African lion, giraffe, baobab tree, eland, ostrich and kori bustard. In Mashatu, you can also see the African wild cat, the aardwolf, bat-eared fox, black-backed jackal, honey badger and the endangered wild dog.

Moreover, more than 50 mammal and reptile species and over 350 species of birds can be spotted, including the enchanting lilac-breasted roller, whose plumage features no fewer than seven different shades of blue. The cheetah, zebra, impala, steenbok and the breeding herds of elephants are also encountered out on the plains.

Photographic Hides


Photographic hides are structures built to maximize the photographic potential of the animal subjects that visit them. Photographic hides add an aspect to the adventure safari which is unique and thrilling to their patrons be they professional photographers or lovers of wildlife. Guests at Mashatu may use the hides for normal game viewing purposes as well as for photography. These added adventures are all tailored to bring visitors into intimate contact with this remarkable wilderness. A professional wildlife photographer will accompany participants to the hides. They are on hand to tutor both aspiring and experienced photographers in camera techniques which will see a vast improvement in the quality of their images.

Safari Camps


Mashatu’s safari camps are an expression of the warm hospitality of Africa’s people. Relaxation is key, regardless of whether your choice is the luxury of Mashatu Main Camp or the rustic appeal of Mashatu Tent Camp. You will get to experience the hospitality and service for which Mashatu is renowned.

African Safari

Mashatu Game Reserve embodies that which defines travel in Africa. A vast open space; a majestic sky, with expansive views of the plains by day and the universe of stars by night;  a wide variety of wildlife from the gigantic to the minuscule; and adventure tours beyond the typical game drive including horseback safaris, cycling safaris, and wild walking safaris.

Overall, Mashatu Game Reserve is a place to connect you to the essence of what life is meant to be.

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