Londolozi-A Photographic Safari

Ever since it was conceived in 1926, Londolozi has always had a way of calling people towards adventure and the wilderness. Many who have had the luxury of a visit to this magical place have experienced this pull, an innate voice that keeps crying out the word Londolozi. Most people do not even realize how they come to become part of this family. After a while, it does not even matter.


As the original destination for all safaris in South Africa, Londolozi has a history that stretches over 90 years. It has built up a formidable group of trackers, rangers and naturalists. This diverse group of specialist have over 350 years’ worth of combined experience.

Londolozi is a largely recognized location very popular for wildlife photography. Inherently, it specializes with the big cats, diverse scenery, incredible light and a plethora of native African wildlife. This makes it a great stage for unsurpassed photographic literature.


The photographic studio here is very popular with the guests as it provides them with the ability to direct and produce their own creative work. Londolozi staff has provided the guests with a seasoned light room instructor with who you can spend time editing and printing your favorite safari shots.

Moreover, the studio allows the guests a chance to rent a variety of professional level equipment for photography such as speed lights, lenses, bodies et cetera. Gone are the olden days when you had to carry around your heavy camera gear all over the world. Now it has been made much simpler. All you have to do is pre-book your gear and you will find it ready to use once you arrive at the lodge.


If you are a first time photographer, you may also opt for the latest telephoto lens and body setups at your request. If for instance your aim is to capture a fish eagle while in the air or a leopard on a tree this studio will provide you with the perfect lens to do so, thus you can get your perfect shot.

All Londolozi guests are welcome to the photographic studio, where they can be provided with one on one tuition on not only capturing images but also post-production. In this studio you can also print images on canvas. The studio is normally open from 10:00 am to 4.00 pm though to get in you have to book in advance.

If you are willing, a private safari vehicle can be reserved for you and your family if need be. Together with your safari vehicle, you will be provided with a dedicated ranger and tracker team whose main purpose is to tailor the experience around the interests and needs of the guests. This is an ideal option for the more experienced safari goers, or if you just enjoy a bit of privacy.

Exterior Terrace - Londolozi Preserve

To be a guide at Londolozi, a ranger needs a minimum of at least five years’ worth of experience as a guide. The ranger also need to be equipped with deep knowledge of all the latest photography trends and equipment. The specialist’s purpose is to be both a photographic instructor and a game ranger so as to facilitate and challenge guests.

Most of the rangers in Londolozi tend to have a natural flair for photography. More so, several of them are highly regarded photographers in their own right. For all safaris, you will be pared with one of these photographic rangers who can act as your personal tutor. Your guide will be at your exposal both in the field while you shoot and back in the studio for post-processing and editing.

To book an unbelievable photographic safari at Londolozi, get in touch with Iconic Africa who specialize in these types of tours.

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5 Luxury Photographic Safari Lodges in Botswana

The wonderful thing about a Botswana Safari is the breath-taking wilderness and pristine wildlife of African destinations. This huge and natural land provides a variety of Safari holidays throughout the flat and broad expanse of the Savannah, wetland, salt pan, and desert.

Located in the center of South Africa, most of Botswana has areas with slightly higher rainfall. 80% of it is covered by the Kalahari Desert, with the Okavango Delta and its pristine wetlands receiving water from the highlands. To the north-western part of this landlocked country, the Chobe National Park keeps the biggest population of elephants on the planet.

In this post, we listed 5 Luxury Phoraphic Safari Lodges in Botswana. Depending on your budget, you can go to one or several for the best African vacation ever!

Why Visit Botswana?

There are many great reasons why you should go to Botswana:

  • It will give you a unique perspective of the biggest inland delta on the planet – The Okavango Delta.
  • Visiting Chobe National Park, home to the biggest population of elephants on the planet would be an unforgettable experience.
  • The unique wetlands, floodplains, deserts, savannahs, and landscapes will take your breath away.
  • The Mokoro excursions will take you on an adventure along the Okavango Delta’s waterways.

5 Luxury Photographic Safari Lodges

1. Sanctuary Khwai Tented Camp


The Khwai Tented Camp provides guests with a tranquil experience of Africa through the spectacular landscapes of the Okavango Delta. To compliment that even further, the Khwai Tented Camp offers great activities such as guided game walks, night drives, and a chance to see the grasslands, mopane woodlands, and leadwood strands of the Khwai River.

2. Sanctuary Chief’s Camp


The Sanctuary Chief’s Camp at the Mombo Concession inside the Moremi Game Reserve of Chief’s Island is a luxurious and exclusive camp. The Moremi Game Reserve is known as the ‘predator capital of Africa’’.

Wilderness and wildlife are very abundant here, giving it an exhilarating and natural feel while maintaining luxury, refinement, and relaxation with its comfortable shelters.

3. Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero Sanctuary


The Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero is a comfortable riverside retreat at the center of the bush. Guest can enjoy a relaxing split-level swimming pool, soothing spa, and delicious gourmet food that the place is recognized for.

4. Sanctuary Stanley’s Camp


If you are looking for an intimate camp with a large dining and sitting area and a magnificent view overlooking the Okavango Delta’s floodplains, then Sanctuary Stanley’s Camp is the best place to be. The camp also offers a unique game viewing experience and a rare opportunity to interact with elephants.

5. Sanctuary Baines’ Camp


Sanctuary Baines’ Camp was built on raised platforms above the Boro River, inside an exclusive concession at the border of the Moremi Game Reserve. The exclusive concession provides a perfect location for trekking along the trails of the Okavango Delta.


Many tourists consider Botswana as the most beautiful place in Africa. Anyone who has been to the Okavango Delta can speak of its spectacular sunsets and splendid green plains merging with the pristine streams in the North.

Bountiful with wildlife of different varieties and untouched lands preserved for millions of years, Botswana is the epitome of a scenic and blissful vacation. While luxury is important, the unique experience, in itself, is something that money can’t buy.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. Which of the 5 Luxury Photographic Safari Lodges in Botswana do you want to go to? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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