Beautiful Okavango

The Okavango Delta in Botswana – there aren’t many wild places on this planet which offer a similar unique blend of magnificent wildlife, stunning scenery, palm-fringed streams, remote islands as well as great unspoilt forests. The Okavango swamps are shaped because of the yearly flooding of the Okavango River, that opens up to a huge life-giving oasis around Botswana’s desert. The delta draws in large varieties of animals because of the permanent water offered here.


Quite a number of safari camps and game lodges are normally found around the Okavango Delta. A number of them tend to be more land-based, which means their major game viewing activity is game drives, while others tend to be more water-based, that provide more water-based activities: boat cruises and mokoro trips. A lot of lodges provide a mix of land-based and boat-based game watching.

mombo-wildernesssafaris-08eThe Okavango Delta provides a genuinely memorable wilderness experience, with a few of the finest game viewing and a few of the very most remote lodges around Botswana. The huge size and plentiful wildlife makes sure that each trip to the Okavango is unique. The lodges around the Okavango Delta are costly as compared to some other safari destinations, however really worth the price. A few of the lodges are located in private concession areas, in which evening drives, bush treks, day fishing and off-road driving is allowed. Usually those things aren’t allowed at lodges located in the national parks.

An island safari into the lovely Okavango is certainly satisfying and refreshing. We could strongly suggest the Okavango Delta being a luxurious safari destination.

okavango_delta_071The Okavango Delta is extraordinary, a water wonderland and also the camps provide a blend of game drives, boating and mokoro trips, trekking, that are the traditional dug-out canoes you might have found out about. The mokoro trip is the perfect Delta experience – you’ll need a guide or “poler” to help you across the waterways while you relax and relish the views.

The gem of Botswana is the Okavango Delta. It’s among the most desired wilderness spots on earth! The truth that the Okavango Delta exists at all is among these miracles of nature. The yearly floodwaters find the way coming from the Angolan highlands 1,000 kms away, straight into the Okavango River. Take a trip into this wilderness for tranquility, peace and heart stopping game watching!

huge-buffalo-herd-at-duba-plainsThe Delta and Moremi Reserve (a preserved region inside the Okavango Delta) are filled with dry land and islands, waterways and lagoons, salt, sand and freshwater. The variety inside this eco-system is unbelievable. Documented up to now: 122 animals, 71 species of fish, 444 bird varieties, 64 reptiles and also 1,300 types of flowering plant life.

You will find 2 unique seasons around the Okavango Delta. The Okavango Delta is well-known for that great local mode of transport – the Mokoro. Power your way throughout the water ways and lagoons in one such standard canoes. It is an exciting experience viewing nature take place all around you coming from the seat of your Mokoro. 20121203_064602_1_1A few regions of the Okavango Delta have got water all year round. You can find regions which are influenced by the floods, which makes the water levels way too low for Mokoros just before the rains. In case you are undecided about when you should go let professional companies advise and guide.

The Okavango Delta is really a unique experience had no place else on earth. This is a location well worth many visits. It’s amazing to discover such various landscapes and wild animals in a single country in the Okavango Delta.