Africas Big 5

Africa is surely an environment having a wide-ranging wildlife and plants, that catches the minds and hearts of everyone visiting this stunning area. A number of animals, however, is granted an incredibly special award, the Big 5. The well known Big 5 represents 5 of Africa’s finest wildlife – the Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Rhinocerous, and Buffalo.


The words “Big Five” was initially created by hunters, and known as the 5 hardest animals to hunt on foot around Africa. The Big Five was not selected because of their size, but instead for the complexity in hunting them, and also the level of threat required.

The words remains to be used these days in the majority of visitor and wildlife guides, and they are normally high in the priority list and also a true danger for a lot of visitors to African game reserves.

The African Elephant is an extremely huge herbivore having thicker, nearly without hair skin. The top of the incisors of the elephant makes lengthy curved tusks of ivory.


The African Elephant is hard to see due to the fact that even with its huge size, they’re able to conceal in tall grass, and very likely to charge compared to other species.

The Lion is really a big meat-eating cat, having a short tawny coat as well as a tufted tail. Males have got spectacular heavy manes all around their shoulders and necks.


Regarded as the very best of the Big Five, lions are extremely threatening animals, and might attack if given an opportunity.

The African Buffalo is actually a huge horned bovid. Buffalos are regarded as the most threatening of the Big Five, allegedly causing numerous hunter deaths. Buffalos are called the “Black Death” in Africa, with injured animals reportedly assaulting and ambushing its pursuers.


Rhinoceros (also known as Rhino in short) are huge, thick-skinned herbivores with a couple of vertical horns around the nasal bridge. Rhinos can hit 1 tonne or even more in weight.


Rhinos are noted as “critically endangered” by the IUCN Red List, since they are slaughtered by people because of their precious horns, that are made from keratin, and mistakenly considered by a few to act as an aphrodisiac.


The Leopard is truly a huge, meat-eating cat having either tawny fur with black rosetto-like marks, or black fur. Leopards are extremely hard to see because they have nocturnal eating routines and deceptive nature. Leopards also are very cautious of humans, and would take flight when confronted with danger.