Why African Safari Guide Training Is Important

A job as a professional tour guide can be an experience of a life time. However, most people are not sure how to go about learning and training to be a professional safari guide. In Southern Africa the best way to do so is to take part in a FGASA accredited training program. There are a number of training schools one can attend in South Africa to learn the skills one needs to get a job as a safari guide.


A general understanding of Africa is very important when learning to be a safari guide. Africa and the continent is at the center of everything involved in guiding, her animals, her wild places, her people and the time it takes to get things done. African time!

Safety is key when you are leading a Safari in Africa. However, what you need to realize is you may not know all the dangers that are present in the African Savannah. You will find this is going to be a great way for you to start to learn about the animals that are present and even the potential harm they can cause. It is important to learn and critical in order to avoid any of the hazards that may arise in the region that you are working in.


Environmental Safety of the natural geographic area is an important concern when guiding people. As a guide you do not want to heavily impact the natural area around you, so it is valuable to understand the landscape and geological composition and sensitivities of your guiding area. This will form part of your safari guide training.

One of the primary attractions for people are the amazing animals in Africa as well as the intricate and unique stories associated with the different kinds of animals, birds, insects, trees, plants and reptiles. Learning about these facts will form the bulk of any good safari training course and will also be themes fun to take part in. What is fantastic about safari guide training is that it is very practical, and the best way to learn is to get out into nature and take part. touch, feel, see and learn.


A good guide also needs to know how to deal with clients well, how to read them to know what they would like to see, hear and what they are expecting from the African safari experience. A good safari guide manages expectations, delivers unbelievable experiences and develops a rapour with their guests.


Being a safari guide in South Africa is the experience of a life time whether you were born in Africa or not. If you have not grown up in Africa the experience of spending every working day in your life surrounded by nature is unbelievable and something you will never forget.

These days we cannot all be safari guides, but there are a lot of options to get these kinds of experiences in a week, a month or as long as a year. You could even come out with a qualification to guide internationally if you desired. To learn more about these kind of experiences visit training schools like EcoTraining.co.za.

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